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    Mon Nov 23, 2009 12:43 am
    Message by richie - Re: [No title]
    as yet we've not gained any players from this as most of them already play for mowden or darlo 1sts and just tip up and hump us!

    The game is in memory of Daves Sanderson and Mitchell, neither of whom did anything for the club anyway and not Bash who did loads so I wouldn't worry about sentiment.

    If we don't get two teams for next year i think we could end up in difficulty again as we are only allowed 3 subs per league game, leaving us with half a dozen or so lads in limbo on a weekly basis.

    Wensleydale are in a similar position, has time come to produce a merged second team between the two clubs with the understanding that each club retains their own players by registration for when needed
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    Sun Nov 22, 2009 11:59 pm
    Message by richie
    Andy, as coach are you bothered wether or not the memorial game happens? It'll be 6 days before our second round cup match in a competition we have a very good chance of winning, probably more so than the league. I'm just thinking of how we struggled the week after the pres game although there were 2 games in that weekend

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