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To ensure harmony within Richmond Rugby Club, Players and background staff need to be aware and mindful of the following things:

Respect comes in many forms and has many demands. The two main ones are self-respect and respect for others – and that includes referees! No matter how bad they are, no matter how biased they appear, you cannot play without one. Remember that, like you, they do it for the love of the game; the pay simply isn’t good enough to live on at our level! No matter how bad a referee’s decision, you will never complain if it’s in your favour! We have snatched defeat out of the jaws of victory too many times by complaining to the referee and not playing ‘our’ game. We need to cut out the complaints and learn to play to the whistle, above all respect the referee – he simply will not change his mind because you shout at him. You will however earn the team a nice short 10 metre walk backwards and the denial of your pitch presence for at least 10 minutes!

COMMUNICATE We all come from different backgrounds with different skill levels and different physical builds. However we do have one significant thing in common – our testicles are gristle NOT crystal! Much as our wives and girlfriends would like us to be psycic it simply isn’t going to happen. Unless we talk to each other, be it on the pitch or the training ground we will simply not gel as a team and we may as well pack up. That doesn’t just mean letting the ball carrier know he’s going to get ‘boshed’, it also means telling him, respectfully, if there’s something you need to get off your chest! We cannot afford for the team to break apart because of internal arguments.

LISTEN It’s no good everyone doing the talking! There are times when you need to shut up and turn your ears to receive mode! These times include during training and at half time! When the coaching team – and that includes the Skipper – are talking they are doing it because you voted for them to do it. If you don’t think they’re up to the task or worth listening to the answer is simple, step up to the plate and volunteer to take the job on!

BEHAVE Difficult one this – quite simply it means that the game is difficult enough as it is! We all need to realise that there is no place on the pitch, training ground or in the club, for a loose cannon! That means that if you can’t take the knocks – emotional AND physical then you should probably look at your temperament and maturity. When we last looked, rugby is a contact sport, there are going to be times when you will have to put your bodies on the line and expect everyone else to do the same. That also means when things start to get difficult on the pitch it is normally a sign that the opposition realise that to win they need to disrupt our game – it very seldom personal, take it as a compliment! Don’t rise to it, keep your head and enjoy the penalties your good behaviour reward at the expense of the thug on the other side!

ENJOY YOURSELF! Finally, the most important thing, we play rugby for fun, we come to the club for fun arrive with a smile and make sure you leave with one too! Enjoy your club, it is after all – YOUR CLUB!!!
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Players Charter
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